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Hayeswood First School

School Sports Premium

Physical Education and Sport

At Hayeswood First School, we believe that physical education is a vital part of every child’s First School experiences, and physical well-being for every learner is given high priority within our School Aims.

We want to see every child develop and grow in physical confidence and dexterity, and participate in a range of physical educational opportunities, including competitive sport. Above all else, we aim for our children to develop an enjoyment of physical activity and an understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are fortunate to have, in our school grounds, an excellent environment for outdoor physical education, and we offer a range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to inspire all of our children to participate fully.

Curricular P.E.

Children spend at least 2 hours every week engaging in curricular P.E. This includes gymnastics, dance, games and athletics. From year 1 upwards there is regular, organised inter-school competitive sport enabling our children to participate with their counterparts from other local schools in a range of competitions and festivals.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

As part of our extra-curricular programme, we offer a range of opportunities each year. We are always open to suggestions and ideas for new clubs: children at the school can make suggestions via their School Council Representatives. It is our aim that there is a club for everyone!

School Sports Premium

The School Sports Premium is funding which is being provided by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, for schools to spend on improving the quality of physical education and sport for all their children.
The amount we will received last year and will receive again this year is approximately £17000.
Mrs Pinto is our P.E Subject Leader and is coordinating our sporting activities.

For the purposes of assessment and measuring impact and progress in P.E teachers are using 'Core Tasks' to ensure that pupils know:

  • What they can do
  • How well they can do it
  • What they need to work on

The core tasks give pupils the opportunity to use what they have learnt and in discussion with their teacher, look at what skills they need to work on. They also enable them to make progress by improving the quality of their performance in particular tasks. Teachers are able use the core tasks to recognise and validate pupil progress.

Sports Premium Spending - Evaluation of Impact

Click below to see a full review of the impact of School Sports Funding this year and in previous years.