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Hayeswood First School

Year 3 Stone Age & Bronze Age Workshop October 2022

Year 3 Author Visit & Stone/Bronze Age Workshop - Monday 11th October 2021

Paul Nolan, acclaimed author of children’s historical fiction books, visited Year Three! Having written a book set in the Bronze Age, Paul is an expert in this period of history, and he brought it alive when he supported Year Three’s ‘Stone Age Through to Iron Age’ topic (Stones and Bones).
Throughout the morning, the children investigated the Stone and Bronze Ages through a variety of engaging activities, which included the opportunity to see ancient artefacts and learn, first-hand, just how and why Stonehenge was created. As an experienced Primary English specialist and published children’s author, Paul also passed on his top writing tips to the children in a short, creative writing session. Children were able to buy a signed copy of Paul’s books. If you would like to learn more about Paul, his books and workshops, you can visit his website at:

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